Group Therapy

  • Group Therapy for adults and teens using Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to develop coping skills.

  • Mindful Stress Management Through Yoga: is provided in a group or individual setting. It brings awareness to daily living and stress; as well as addressing psychological and medical issues such as high blood pressure, poor eating habits, insomnia, anxiety, and pain management. Through the use of mindfulness, meditation and gentle yoga you can balance your life and focus on what really matters to you and learn to manage stress. For more information on the group and it's efficacy

  • From Cancer to Health groups for newly diagnosed or patients undergoing treatment. Clinical trials have documented the efficacy of this treatment in reducing patients’ stress and anxiety, improving their social adjustment, promoting change to positive health behaviors, reducing symptoms of cancer treatment, and improving health outcomes.  It is a structured treatment plan that can be offered in group or individual format.

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